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A travel photography retreat with Beth Ruggiero-York

Marouatte Castle, Dordogne, France

Capture the 'essence of place' in the Dordogne region of southern France    staying in Marouatte Castle and exploring the charming medieval towns, castles, gardens, and surrounding countryside. Our castle home during this week-long workshop is set on 270 beautiful acres that offer endless photo opportunities.

Our week will consist of day trips to the surrounding towns, castles, monasteries, markets and countryside, photographing around the castle and its grounds, including the full Moon rising over the castle on October 13th and the Milky Way on October 17th, classroom sessions and critiques, and fabulous meals at the castle or in the towns we visit.

You will fly into Paris and take the bullet train to the local train station, where you will be met by castle staff.

Workshop dates:  October 12-19, 2019

Pricing: $3,095 per photographer / deposit $1,500 upon signing up / balance due August 11, 2019

A non-photographer partner sharing your room: $2,095 (meals included but not local transportation; local car rentals are available). If 2 participant photographers share a room, the price is reduced $500 for each ($2,595/per person)

Payment is by personal check mailed to: 

Ruggiero Images LLC, 8648 East Windsor Ave., Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Credit card payments are accepted through PayPal (to Please note that a fee of 2.9% for payments in the US will be added. For payments originating outside the US, a fee of 4.4% will be added.

Number of participants: 10

For more information and to sign up, email Beth at or call Beth at (508) 241-4412

Itinerary and more details

Inside China: China's Legendary Mountain Peaks

Reach inside China and you will find an endless variation of cultures, landscapes, and climates. Many Americans have been to China following the standard tourist route. This photo tour, however, is vastly different. Working with the outfitter in China that Beth has worked with for over 20 years, Beth has custom-designed this trip as a truly once-in-a-lifetime China experience. We will take you to places you may have never heard about but will remember for a lifetime – China’s legendary mountain peaks. We will travel to three of these peaks, Wudang Mountain, Mount Emei, and Huangshan (the Yellow Mountains), all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For all three locations, we will stay in hotels near the peaks of these mountains for the best possible photography experience from morning to night. During this journey, you will have the benefit of two experts in their fields – David Muench, master landscape and nature photographer, and Beth Ruggiero-York, China expert. Ron York will be guiding the tour along with Beth to give you instruction, answer questions, and make sure you have a great trip!

Workshop Dates: October 16 - November 3, 2018

Pricing: $9795 per person, $2160 single supplement / Deposit $2000 upon signing up

Number of participants: 12 + 3 instructor: Ron York, Beth Ruggiero-York, and David Muench

For more information and to sign up, email Beth at or call Beth at (508) 241-4412

2 spots left!!

great basin national park, Nevada

Announcing the first annual Nature Photography Show workshop! It will be held at a little-known and remote gem of a location -- Great Basin National Park -- from September 6th - 10th, 2018. There will be opportunities to photograph from sunrise to sunset, and when it gets dark, the beauty of the park will really shine! We have scheduled the workshop during a new moon (i.e., very dark skies) to offer excellent opportunities for night photography and instruction.

Workshop date: September 6th-10th, 2018

Pricing: $1,695 / $500 deposit*

Number of Participants: 12 + 2  Instructors: Beth Ruggiero-York and Jason Eldridge


Great Basin National Park, 2018


Milky Way over Stella Lake

Hawaii - The Big Island

Join me with Arizona Highways Photoscapes in paradise as we spend six days and six nights in Hawaii on the Big Island. I will provide guidance in photographing seascapes, landscapes, waterfalls and stunning botanicals. We will photograph the Kilauea lave flow from a doors-off helicopter, take a guided sunset and stars tour to Mauna Kea, go on a whale watch, and much more.

Duration:  7 Days

Workshop date: February 10-16, 2019

Pricing: $4,195 / $1,000 deposit


Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park  is a spectacular destination. If you have not been there, or want to go back, join Jason Eldridge and me for 4 days photographing landscapes and wildlife on a fun workshop based in Jackson, Wyoming.

Workshop dates: May 20th - 24th, 2019

Pricing: $1,295 / $500 deposit

Instructors: Jason Eldridge and Beth Ruggiero-York

Location: Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Moonlit Nightscapes in Chiricahua National Monument

Experience a different level of night photography workshop, as Beth Ruggiero-York  teaches and guides you to photograph the unique landscapes and rock formations of Chiricahua National Monument in southeastern Arizona lit by a full moon.

Workshop dates: April 18-20, 2019

Pricing: $849 / $300 deposit

Instructor: Beth Ruggiero-York

Location: Willcox, AZ


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